Codfest – Codsall’s own ‘Friendly Festival’

It’s that time of year again – summer is drawing to a close and six hundred lucky people will be eagerly anticipating this years Codfest. Codfest? A celebration of the ocean dwelling fish, the favourite of many a fish and chip supper? Well, no. Something even better for music lovers.

Codfest is an annual music festival based in Codsall Wood. First conceived by a group of friends in a village pub in the summer of 2010, Codfest has quickly established itself as a firm favourite on the calendar of local music lovers. What’s even more amazing is that the festival is non-profit and organised and ran by volunteers. Any ticket income that is left over after festival costs have been covered is given to charity – a remarkable feat considering the planning and work that goes into each festival. This years Codfest will be the sixth.

Evening draws in at Codfest 5, 2014

Evening draws in at Codfest 5, 2014


Codfest hosts two stages, a small one (the Back Porch, usually hosting acoustic artists) and the main stage for bands. Codfest 5 last year also featured the ‘Busk Stop’, where any musician could rock up and play. Festival goers have a choice of food and drink available and are given the option of camping – handy if you plan on spending some time drinking ale and cider at the bar. This years festival line-up includes Britannia Beat, Luke Wylde & The Japes, Emma Swindells, David Young, Alexandra JayneNeil MorrisRichard Jones and firm local favourite, The Replicas.

With its friendly atmosphere, Codfest is a real hit

With its friendly atmosphere, Codfest is a real hit

Looking to get some tickets? Unfortunately they’ve sold out – and did so within hours of going on sale, such is the popularity of this annual event. There’s always next year..

Codfest’s Facebook page can be found here.

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